Thursday, November 25, 2010

Underestimated Unit

Sorry for the long wait on a post but I was waiting on my friend to come over and play a game of 40k so I can post up a battle report but no luck. So instead I would like to write about the Imperial Guard Stormtroopers. I know that they are an expensive unit but I think they are worth every point if played with the Airborne Doctrine. They can bring alot of fire power on board when they deepstrike in were you want them. Imagine dropping 2 inches away from a monstrous creature/vehicle or a large bothersome squad and hose them down with AP3 hot-shot lasfire, melta, or plasma with either a 5 or 10 man sqd. For me they work best as either a 5 man melta squad or a 10 man plasma squad. You may think that if only they don't scatter somewhere disasterous. To you I say, " that's why airborne allows you to re-roll the scatter dice." If you scatter badly after the re-roll then the dice gods are not with you. Remember that 40k is just a game and taking risks is a big fun factor in it. When the risk pays off your fun just doubled.


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