Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sisters of Battle

So looking online on the GW site and I noticed that GW isn't selling the metal Sisters of Battle models anymore as troop choices. HMMM... maybe they are coming out in plastic soon....:) So I took them out of my big box of minis and decided to gather them all up to see what knid of force I invisioned of having when the Witch Hunters codex was first released. Lo and behold, I found a couple of Saint Celestine models, One that I painted and displayed awhile back; a converted canoness with jetpack; 2x10 female squads of sisters; a 10xfemale squad of sisters repentia w/ mistress; 12x seraphim models, 2x penitent engines, Lord Karamazov, 2x of the male inquisitors with flame gun, 2X rare oop male inquisitors with plasma pistols, femal inquisitor with bow gun, an immolator and an exorcist. "What a great I find". I then called my sisters boyfriend to see about his SoB force and he decided to give me his force of 20x regular sisters and an Immolator. JACKPOT!!!

So I'm looking at all these models and I decided to make them an Order of our Martyred Lady and skip out on the upcoming Grey Knight train coming this April. Also, after looking through the Witch Hunter codex, the girls are still a good fighting force if directed right and people will find a few things rarely seen on the tabletop now. :)

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  1. They are going to be the last home of el cheapo Inquisitional Storm troopers too. Silly Grey Knights Codex.


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