Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feeling Safe

   I began to dust off my Battle Sisters to get a fresh breath in the hobbie after being motivated by the pick above but got into a funk.  I have an Exorcist Battle tank I want to paint but feel lazy to do so because it has a lot of detail. This also tried to paint their models but the funk still lumbered over me till I found some extra sister superior models. I decided to convert them as Imperial HQ Bodyguards since there are no models for them. I also recall in a Ciaphus Cain model how he described a rogue psyker of how bad @$$ he looked flanked by to sisters next to him (they were mind controlled at that time). They Sisters projeted some kind of authority nobody wanted to mess with because of them being known to be very short tempered and quick to the point lol. So I converted the two models pictured below.

This started a small amber of enthusiasm. So goig a little more story fluff I am know painting a small attachment force of Salamanders Chapter Space Marines. to go with my growing 40k army. That sall I had time for to do recently since the holidays are upon us and only one can do so much this time of year. So Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Years.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Been quite busy lately with the holidays; prepped for a tournament in november but now cancelling due to family events, term papers and final exams.

  I listened to a couple of podcasts out there and heared a lot about the meta-game the community is playing. Right now infantry armies are the hot thing since it seems that everyone is taking Aegis Defense Lines to go toe-to-toe with flyers and vehicles. What I predict is that people will eventually go back to what they have been playing before because it sounds like a cycle. I foresee the 40k community begin playing infantry based armies to fight vehicles and flyers (which is beginning), then they will move to the anti-infantry armies with vehicle and flyers to beat out the infantry units. Then they will go back to their old army play style or realize they spent a lot of money on their army and think about playing 40k Apocalypse LOL.

 Anyways, I've been reading up on 6th edition and spotted the gunslinger rule and see how it can apply to my Imperial Guard. I see that it only applies to special characters (i.e. veteran sgt.'s) and then it clicked. I've talked about Stormtroopers before. The Storm Trooper Sergeant can not only duel wield pistols but Plasma Pistols as well. So not only can one have 2 but 4 plasma weapons in a 5-man deep striking unit. HE HE HE :) Also a good guardsman exploits what only he has available to his army. An army overlooked by the community is the only ally they can have and that's Sisters of Battle. Ready the new FAQ the Sisters of Battle Canonness with the Acts of Fate CAN give a 40-man blob squad +1 initiative and preferred enemy on the first charge. Imagine that with Colonel Straken within 12'.  Not only that, let's up it a step and place that Cannonness in a full squad of Ogryn. WOW I like to see that on the tabletop but who knows since the assault phase seem to scare  people.

 So to add I've been working on a conversion with a dual plasma pistol wielding storm trooper sergeant because I have have three squads of storm troopers already. I also removed some dust and began painting a 10 Battle Sister Squad I had shelved since 3rd edition. More to come later when things calm a bit
- vmreyes1 out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Take off

Nothing big this month to post, other than I'm back on the saddle with the hobby since I got my 6th ed. rules. I'm still working on my vendetta. I'm back on my rough rider conversions and creating some bodyguards for my Command Regiment also picks of those laters. I've been thinking of getting a small vanilla Space Marine force as allie. Now I'm regretting in selling off all my space marines I had 2 years back. Like a great person said to me, "Never sell your armies unless your getting completely out of the hobby". I'm also excited about an 1850 pt. tournamnet held by the Imperial Vox Cast crew. Information is on their latest podcast.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Solo Op. Battle Report

Before I begin my report I want to share my update on the hobby. On my workbench is painting/ converting my valkyrie into a vendetta with a snake theme nose art I spotted on-line of an A-10, Tyranids from the "Battle for Macragge" set to change things up, some Sisters of Battle heavy weapons models and other conversions.

Termagant and Genestealer

The A-10 Thunderbolt "Warthog"

The Vendetta at this time partly painted and without conversion

Battle Report

I was Roaming sites a while back and discovered the Medusa V Campaign Site. On the the site I spotted a Solo Mission battle plan the worked out interesting. It's hard for me to play with others and family members that have armies on hand. So I set everything up using a 1500pt IG army list I had laying around. My 5 yr. old son was available for the project to roll dice and make some decisions for Warp possessed guard. A battle narrative/ battle report can be found below. My boy had a blast calling his controlled Storm Trooper Squad "Juggernauts" LOL.

The battle field using buildings/ ruins from the 3rd ed. starter box. Pre-painted Barracades from that era also. The down aquila from the 4th ed. "Battle for Macragge" box. (Son in background who set the board up).

My sons "Juggernauts" sited by my Storm Troopers after deep-striking in.

The objective interestingly in site by my vets running towards the sound of  las-fire.

Narrative/ Battle Report

Orders were sent by Regimental Headquarters of a down hijacked aquila transporting the daughter of a nearby governor. Pirates had taken over the aquila in the same orbit while the regiment was refueling. The nearby adeptus arbites had lost communication going after the ship. Echo Company was chosen in to retrieve any survivors.

The Lord Commissar decided to leave back the Major and his vets and taken a supported infantry company and a storm trooper company with him to help recon the area. A day passed and no communication from the commissar was made due to interference.  The major took action and gathered three of his best veteran squads with a storm trooper squad on stand by.

As soon as the Major made planet fall, the sky turn black and a great purple cloud risen far from the landing site. The Major dispatched his scout squad to the coordinates given to him by headquarters.

In the first hour the Majors scout squad reported the findings of the down aquila and the possibility of an opposing force heading to the site. The Major quickly reacted and ordered his men to double itme towards the crash site.

The second hour quickly came and the scouts reported that the opposing force resembled that of the commissar and his platoon but reported that the opposing force look terribly distorted and recieved mortar fire seriously injuring one. The scouts begin firing upon an enemy squad taking out two and causing them to run back. The major continued his effort to get to the site and having a squad to reach the scouts.

During the third hour the scouts reported more mortar fire and a flanking force to the east. The scouts again recieved more mortar fire hurting two more. The storm troopers finally recieved proper coordinates and deep striked on the battlefield landing in front of a group of "juggernaut" troops. They quickly fired upon the enemy taking out some of them with ease.  

The fourth hour came with bad news. The Juggernauts fired and assaulted the stormtroopers sweeping in a horrific manner viewed only in recordings sent back to ship through their helmet cams. The veterans arrived on the heels of the assault and rescued a lone suvivor of the aquila. A visual identification with pix from the governor of his daughter were made and positively IDed the lone survivor as her.

In the fifth hour the juggernauts tried to do the same on a veteran squad by shooting and assaulting the squad after recieving casualties the veteran squad quickly returned the favor and destroyed the juggernauts avenging their fellow sellow storm troopers. They quickly recovered from their fight and returned to the unit.

The Major and his troops quickly moved away from the large distorted force heading their way. The Major Quickly boarded the retrieving Vendettas/ Valkyries and headed back with an accomplished task at a large price paid.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yes Yes. I know. I've been out of the game for awhile because of many family events since the last time I posted. Many grand things occured in the game since I left for example a New Edition of 40k out changing evrything I know of the game, new starter box, etc. With all these new things out it's hard to determine what's next to do. The only thing now is to revamp my army to the new edition and come back with a vengeance. - vmreyes out

Monday, October 10, 2011


I gone into my local GW store a couple of days ago and got orkdified. Played 2k points of my guard against 2k points of boys, a squad of nobs and one squad of lootas or to that matter. The game took 3 hours to play; to long for my taste because we only went through 2 1/2 turns with pitch battle set-up with 3 objectives. He pretty much set up on line and rushed at me I was pretty much done because I did not have much to shoot him up with. At the end of the game I had control of one objective with two heavy weapons teams armed with mortars and a Lord Commissar and contesting the other two objectives with 2 5 man stormtrooper squads armed with 2 plasma guns. So I technically won at the end of the game but would have been tabled after 2 more turns. What I came out with this game was I that I need more fire power in my list then man power. The highlight for me was that my opponent deep struck his weird boy with a group of boys behind my two chimeras intending to assault my mortar teams because of the pain they were bringing his army. What he didn't expect was two 10 man veteran squads coming out of my chimeras with shotguns and grenade launchers. The boys recieved 26 shotgun blasts and 6 krak grenade launcher shots in the face.
Right now I am planning to start a mini campaign with my brothers so they can get caught up with the new rules with 5th edition. they pretty much skipped 4th ed. like I did I are willing to learn the new rules so we'll see what happens from here. Till next time...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Howling Thunder"

This is my 171st Cadian Regiment all together for the first time. I finally have all my models that I generally use completely painted. YEAAHH :) In my regiment is 25 Harakoni Warhawk Stormtroopers, 30 Medusan Veterans, 20 Cadian Kasrkin Veterans, a 46 Cadian platoon with female commissar and platoon command sqd, 6 mortars teams, 3 priests, Company Command Squad with Harakoni Officer of the Fleet, Cadian Master of Ordinance, Regimental Standard, 2 Medics, 2 Leman Russ Battle tanks, 1 Leman Russ Punsher, 3 chimeras, 3 Scout Sentinels, 2 Vendettas, and 1 Valkyrie. Their are various weapons throughout the regiment including flamers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles and more.

These are my objective markers in the front two rows. The 4 girls are the slave girls from the old Dark Eldar range. The scientist and two beacon like markers are from the 4rth ed. Battle of Macragge starter kit and the wounded guardsmen is from the old IG command box set. In the back is old Yarrick, an Ogryn bone'ead to represent N'ork, and the commander and medic from the old IG command box set.

Company command squad.

45 guardsmen platoon with female commissar and medic from the old Gaunts Ghosts box set.

6 mortar teams.

Vet Sgt with shotgun for my first Kasrkin Veteran Squad. I used the old metal space marine scout with shotgun and some green stuff to make my sgt. I used the Kasrkin Stormtrooper box set to make my vets. I cut off the tips to make the lasguns look mor like shotguns.

The Sgt. for my second Kasrkin Veteran Squad. I cut off his sworn and used green stuff to make a power fist resembling the power fist the IG officers modles have. I also used the Kasrkin Stormtrooper box set to make this vet. squad.

25 Harakoni Warhawks with 4 plasmaguns and 2 meltaguns. I used the IG kasrkin Stormtroopers to make my warhawks.

3 stock chimeras, 2 stock Leman Russ battle tanks with Heavy Stubbers, and a Leman Russ Punisher with heavy bolter sponsons.

3 scout sentinels with autocannons and Hunter killer missiles. 2 of the 3 are the old scout models.

3 10-man squads of catachan fighters, including old metal models. Some are bits bashed cadian/ catachan plastic models. Also are Escher modles from Necromunda. These squads represent 3 Veteran squads of Survivors from Medusa 5 that my regiment adopted in. They can also be used as Penal Legion squads since Medusans also had alot of gangers in theeir world.

Vendetta with eagle hand painted scheme. It was originally red but I decided to make it similar to my other Vendetta and decided to go with thise theme.

Valkrie with Hand painted sceme.On the Front nose it says "Cadian Belle"; in homage to the original paint scheme of the "Memphis Belle".

Vendetta with hand painted "Flying Tiger" paint scheme.

3 priests.

A closer look of my Female Commisar. I had 2 models originally but I traded one for a new Manticore/ Deathstrike Missile Launcher to a friend which isn't built yet.

My Master of Ordinance using the Creed model with a Necromunda/Mordheim dog model.

Last but not least my Regimental commander using an Inquisitor lord model from then Deamonhunters range now Grey Knights and Commissar Gaunt model to represent a regular Lord Commissar. Sorry if the post was long but what do you guys think?
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