Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green light!

I'm back once more going a slower pace but a pace non the less. I felt burnt out from the hobby because of the environment I was in. More on that later.

I was at my FLGS and spotted an old scout space marine model for a buck and bought it right away. I loved the old scout models back in the day but didn't get around to buy them because GW used to sell them at $15 a piece, if I remember right. I bought the model with MARBO in mind since I converted other old scout models as sergeants in my guard before pictured in my old blog.

I used bestial/scorched brown mix on the armor to be similar to the Marine Corps coyote brown to represent a Medusa 5 unit and green stuffed a backpack to hid the scout armor look. I think I got it down. I will be applying the mix to another unit to see how they will come out also. Pics of that unit later. Hope you guys like my new Marbo. Cheers :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Aaargh. Sorry, things got super busy for me lately with work and in my personal life. I'm working to have things started up again here soon. That is... as soon as I get time and paint on my new models and vehicles :) soon! really! -vmreyes out.
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