Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feeling Safe

   I began to dust off my Battle Sisters to get a fresh breath in the hobbie after being motivated by the pick above but got into a funk.  I have an Exorcist Battle tank I want to paint but feel lazy to do so because it has a lot of detail. This also tried to paint their models but the funk still lumbered over me till I found some extra sister superior models. I decided to convert them as Imperial HQ Bodyguards since there are no models for them. I also recall in a Ciaphus Cain model how he described a rogue psyker of how bad @$$ he looked flanked by to sisters next to him (they were mind controlled at that time). They Sisters projeted some kind of authority nobody wanted to mess with because of them being known to be very short tempered and quick to the point lol. So I converted the two models pictured below.

This started a small amber of enthusiasm. So goig a little more story fluff I am know painting a small attachment force of Salamanders Chapter Space Marines. to go with my growing 40k army. That sall I had time for to do recently since the holidays are upon us and only one can do so much this time of year. So Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Years.


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