Monday, October 10, 2011


I gone into my local GW store a couple of days ago and got orkdified. Played 2k points of my guard against 2k points of boys, a squad of nobs and one squad of lootas or to that matter. The game took 3 hours to play; to long for my taste because we only went through 2 1/2 turns with pitch battle set-up with 3 objectives. He pretty much set up on line and rushed at me I was pretty much done because I did not have much to shoot him up with. At the end of the game I had control of one objective with two heavy weapons teams armed with mortars and a Lord Commissar and contesting the other two objectives with 2 5 man stormtrooper squads armed with 2 plasma guns. So I technically won at the end of the game but would have been tabled after 2 more turns. What I came out with this game was I that I need more fire power in my list then man power. The highlight for me was that my opponent deep struck his weird boy with a group of boys behind my two chimeras intending to assault my mortar teams because of the pain they were bringing his army. What he didn't expect was two 10 man veteran squads coming out of my chimeras with shotguns and grenade launchers. The boys recieved 26 shotgun blasts and 6 krak grenade launcher shots in the face.
Right now I am planning to start a mini campaign with my brothers so they can get caught up with the new rules with 5th edition. they pretty much skipped 4th ed. like I did I are willing to learn the new rules so we'll see what happens from here. Till next time...

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