Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Be or Not.........

I was looking through the rumors through out the web about what's to come for grey knights and am a little disappointed. Not because of the strength and powers but the fluff that they are being surrounded with or lack their of. The Grey Knights seem to be heading; in my point of view; the way of the Tau. The Tau went from hippies to commies. The Grey Knights seem to be going from mutual deamonhunting allies to deamonhunting backstabbers. i come with this conclussion with the Apocalypse Grey Knight Strike force pdf available on the GW site. It also seems to me that the puritan/radical fluff maybe eradicated but who knows till April.

Anyways I've been working on some terrain pieces for my table. I'm also looking through my Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle and deciding how to play list them. I'm also working on conversion ideas with my Veterans. Hopefully I'll get pics on all of these projects up soon.

1 comment:

  1. I know I'm trying to resist, since there are going to be so many bandwagonners. We'll see.


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