Monday, January 17, 2011


Last Wednesday I invited my 2 brothers and sisters' fiance over to my place and had a hobby/paint party before the big 40K Apocolypse game this Saturday at the LA Battle Bunker. I was able to finish up a Col. Schaeffer model as a veteran sargeant and use a few some shotguns from the scout space marine sprue for my veterans. Their are also pics of two of the necromunda models that I painted for another veteran squad on my roster.
I first had my doubts about using the shotguns for my veterans but the bits fit very nicely on the models and I highly recommend to others if they think of doing the conversion to go for it. They are roughly the same cost as the shotguns available from forge world but you just have to way your options as what extras you want and when you want them. You get 4 shotguns, a heavy bolter, 5 bolt pistols, c.c. wpns arms, and various little tid bits for the scouts from the scout box. You get 5 shotguns, various guard heads upgrades, 5 packs and a few tid bits for IG models. IMHO i'd get the scout box because its readily available at any hobby shop plus the other things they come with.

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