Friday, October 29, 2010

New Hero of the Imperium

I finally got a chance to look through the new Dark Eldar codex and thought it was great. I'm happy that they finally got a chance to see that they were rejuvenated and were given more heroes. While looking through the heroes section it occurred to me that the Imperial guard does't have a female hero even when they are described as being a diverse fighting force. If your saying that they let alone have female figures, well your right but they do and are hard to get a hold of, I fortunately have quite a few. Looking into more box of sprues and figures I collected through my time playing games-workshop products, I discovered some female Escher gang minis from Necromunda. I thought to myself that I'm going to develop a female hero myself and introduce her soon to my regiment as a veteran sergeant. So please stand by and hopefully I'll have her set up next week and have a picture session to put up :) So please stand by.

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